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    Oh come on, who wouldn’t want this!

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    The wait is over! The Terrain Pannier is here. Full details up on the web at www.ironandresin.com

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    Today in Malmö people have been protesting against the nazis in Svenskarnas Parti. The police went crazy, as usual, and rode over people several times, hit them in the head, and so on, all the things police usually do. Nowadays the nazis don’t even have to do the dirty work themselves, they just need a demonstrations permit. 

The police have blood on their hands.

    Acab forever. 

    Antifascism is self defense. 

    No Pasaran.

    I normally don’t post stuff like this because I want my blog to be my haven. But this happened today in my town, Malmö, in Sweden. There is no haven.

    The police protect an openly neo-nazi party whose chummy associates attacked and stabbed feminists and anti-fascists on March 8th earlier this year, leaving one of them hospitalised fighting for his life. They run anti-fascist protesters down with cars and horses, with little regard for potential losses. Only through sheer luck did noone get killed today. 10 people were injured.

    The spokeswoman for the police, Ewa-Gun Westford, blames the protesters and another spokesperson lied to the press, claiming that the protesters had attacked the medical staff who later arrived, but only after they had been detained by the police. The police also roped off the emergency entrance of the hospital, declaring § PL 24 and banning “activists”, demanding IDs and declaration of business from random people needing medical care.

    Meanwhile, the Svenskarnas Parti-nazis were given a police escort to their next meeting point.

    Police forces around the globe are riddled with nazis


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    "Protests became violent when demonstrators threw a tear gas canister back at the police" will always be one of the clearest example of the fucked up way police violence is naturalized and legitimized.

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